CSG Therapy - Counselling Service Group-CSG Therapy

CSG Therapy - Counselling Service Group-CSG Therapy


The Counselling Service Group is based in London; we provide and promote Therapy Services in the United Kingdom as well as various International locations. Our aim is to help build stronger and safer Counselling Services so that everyone can have access to support. 

The Counselling Service Group has developed many innovative caregiving projects. We have several branches that provide couples, families, groups and individual clients with Counselling, Psychotherapy and Coaching.

Professional services are provided in the form of:
·Face to Face Therapy (various locations nationwide)
·Face to Face Therapy (home visits)

· 24 Hour Online Counselling and Telephone Therapy via The Online Counselling Service

We also provide Therapist's with: 
·Training and Personal Development Coaching 

The Counselling Service Group employ professionals who are dedicated to providing leading-edge therapy. Our qualified Therapists include Psychologists, Counsellors, Psychotherapists and Coaches. They have many years of experience and are committed to helping people when they need it most.

The better the training the Therapists receive the better the Therapy they can provide.


In-person/Home visits/Online
Training and Workshops

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To find out more about our Counselling Services or for any information about our Training programmes, please do get in touch! 


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